Have you heard about TENCEL?

Have you heard about TENCEL?

14. maj 2019

Have you heard about TENCEL?

Have you heard about TENCEL?

… and what is it made of? 

When talking about sustainability in clothing you often meet a lot of names and words without necessarily knowing what it means. You may have heard about lyocell and that is the fibers which are produced by environmentally responsible processes. TENCEL is then the brandname. In the aim of becoming more and more sustainable as a clothing brand, we also use natural fibers that are TENCEL made.     

In Lenzig, Austria, you find the fiber industry’s leader in sustainability and the Lenzing Group is the only company in the world combining the manufacturing of all three generations of man-made cellulose fibers on a large industrial scale under one roof – from the classic viscose fibers to modal and lyocell (TENCEL) fibers.

With the Lenzig method tencel clothing is made incredibly responsibly. It doesn’t take many trees to make a tee because the trees are not cut down but go through a thinning process instead. This is done within FSC certified forests in central Europe. Also, Eucalyptus trees take 80% less water to grow in comparison to cotton plants – and no additional water is needed for TENCEL.

TENCEL Lyocell fibers are known for their natural comfort. It has a really soft touch and feels amazing on the skin – similar to silk. TENCEL is actually better at absorbing moisture than cotton, which is one of the many pros of choosing these fibers. Besides being produced using recyclable, Earth friendly solvents, it is also very versatile. When combined with other fibers such as cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle resistance – which makes it an easy fabric to wear and wash.

At Basic Apparel we have certain styles that are 95-100% TENCEL. We love how the material feels so gentle on the skin and that it is very durable and sustainable in its production. The fibers come from natural wood and then made with technologies that preserve resources and protect our planet. What is not to like.

If you decide to buy anything with TENCEL branding, you are sure to go home with a high-quality product and a good conscious :) 


We hope you know just a bit more about lyocell and TENCEL after this read.

Warm wishes 
// Team Basic Apparel